How to write an essay outline

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An outline is a clear and concise formulation of key parts of the text that correspond to and reveal the meaning of the main theme and content of the essay. To compose an essay plan, no special skills are required, but you must follow the basic rules that will help to do this.

First, think about what you will write. Do not rush. Plan out all the content from start to finish. Your next stage will be the definition of the theme of the essay and its main idea. The main idea of ​​the essay reflects the essence of its writing. Think about what your essay can be written more precisely.

The next stage, after thinking through is the stages by which the writing of the composition itself will take place. Visually divide the essay into semantic parts. Try to orally identify the main words for which you make a plan.

In order not to get confused, you can write down approximate titles for each paragraph. The main thing is that your thoughts smoothly shimmer and display the same content of the composition in sequence. You must give clear wording for each item. Be careful that there are no repetitions in the headers.

After the outline, read the rough outline of the essay and see if they all included in the plan, whether they have highlighted the main points. You need to know for sure that the main idea and theme of the essay are accurately displayed in the plan for your essay.

Check what is written and correct the errors. Orally you can try to present your essay and only then begin to write it. But first, write over your essay plan.

Making an outline of the text correctly

In order to make a plan most accurately and correctly, it’s enough to follow a small instruction:

  • Read the text carefully and without haste. If you meet an unfamiliar word, write it in a draft.
  • While reading, highlight the main parts with a pencil. They differ in their content and have a complete idea, having formulated that, you can use it as a subtitle.