How to write an argumentative essay

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One of the most creative processes is writing an essay. This is an opportunity to share your thoughts and your attitude to a given topic. There are several tips to help answer the question of how to write an essay.

It consists of:

  • introduction;
  • the main part;
  • conclusions.

Each of the three parts carries its own meaning.


Your task is to lead the reader to the main topic beautifully. If an argumentative essay has a historical theme, then in the introduction, you can give a brief description of that era like political and economic features.

For example, actions take place during the serf system, when most people were directly dependent on the will of one person, so the events could not have developed somehow differently.

But do not forget that the introduction should be directly related to the topic! In the introduction, you can also reflect on the topic of your work, to analyze its relevance. It is also allowed to share a personal attitude to a given topic or to compare it with the events of your life.

Main part

In this part of the essay, your main task is to uncover the topic. How can I do that? The following algorithm is most often used:

  • Express your point of view on the problems that are covered in the topic;
  • confirm your opinion with examples or quotations from the work that underlies the theme of the essay. You can also use materials from other works (the main thing is to have a connection with the topic) or examples from your personal life;
  • summarize what you have written.

If in the central part, you open the topic step by step, then it is quite possible to make a mini-conclusion after each stage. The main part of the essay is the largest (about two-thirds of the entire text).


This is the result of your argumentative work. The task is to make a general conclusion from what you wrote in the main part. Here you can also mention how relevant the topic touched in the essay is at the moment.