How to write a synthesis essay

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The purpose of the writing is not only the desire to share interesting information. The main thing in writing a synthesis essay is analysis, thanks to which the author of the piece is able to penetrate into the causes of what is happening, evaluate and substantiate them, and also convince the person who will read this essay. In addition, maybe try to change it or, on the contrary, confirm.

The structure of a synthesis essay

 As a rule, a competently designed essay consists of three parts. Suppose you are given an essay-discussion on the topic “What is real kindness?”

First of all, it is necessary to determine its main idea, from which it is necessary to move forward and clearly formulate it. In a given essay, it is necessary to give a definition of kindness. You can use the explanatory dictionary or search for a statement of a famous person.

This will be the introduction, which is a thesis around which your reasoning will line up.

The second, main part is the arguments that you give in support of your thoughts. So, here you can speculate on whether it is difficult or easy to be kind. Give examples of the real kindness you have come across. You can reflect on the need for good and the possibility-impossibility of creating it in the modern world. You can argue as examples from life, and guided by the works of cinema or literature.

If you write a text-based essay, several recommendations would be appropriate. Make a preliminary essay plan that will help you logically outline your thoughts.

The epigraph that will emphasize or even express the main idea will decorate the essay. By the way, it can help to begin beautifully, or not less ideally complete your creation.

What can not be done

  • Before writing a synthesis essay, remember that its main part should not consist of retelling the text (in the case when an essay is written on a literary work).
  • It is also not necessary to express thoughts that are not directly related to the given subject of the essay.